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Food for the Soul: Divine Love

Man does not live by food alone - and soul food has been totally neglected.  Years ago, we heard a lot about Soul, but it's not mentioned much in the world today.  Mankind has stopped tuning into higher consciousness, because of worldly distractions.  People put on their ear phones to listen constantly to music or information, but they are not tuning into the Divine Inspiration that exists, which would alter their consciousness and the world. It is sad that they do not seek a direct connection to their Source. They are missing out on an awesome connection.

Life can be incredible, when you establish a relationship with the One who created you. I’ve gone direct, since I was a child and have seen unbelievable things occur.  I have done a lot of writing, but didn't have it published.
I am a writer, not a salesman. I am more into writing…and not particularly interested in the details of promotion. In 1979 I wrote a manuscript entitled For Thou Art With Me. It was all about the experiences that had occurred in my life, since childhood. I would not be here, if the Creator had not intervened many times

I look everywhere for information that would help people understand what their mission in life is. In 1982 I had a meeting with the author of What’s Your Card?  I discovered his book in the Bodhi Tree  in L.A          
I was so impressed that I wanted to sell it at my holistic center. I tracked down the author, Arne Lein and arranged a meeting to buy his books. It is very interesting what I have learned about people and destiny from doing readings using the information in this book. It taught me how to read special Friendship and Relationship Cards. The boy across the street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania whom I met in 1940 happens to be the same card as mine…which is Queen of Clubs and represents service to others. It is also a soul mate card. He is Taurus and I am Pisces. This lifetime we were not supposed to be together.

In 1982 I opened my holisticcenter in West Los Angeles - and I don’t know how it happened, but an important paper came into my hands from an unknown source.  I was so impressed I xeroxed it for 25 years.    
I  handed it out to everyone who came to my center.  It was originally entitled The Persian Rosary and the author’s name was on it. I was guided to remove his name, because people might reject information, coming from an unknown man with a foreign sounding name Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. I was also guided to entitle it The Path to Spiritual Unforldment.  Recently, I went into the Internet to see what I could find out about the man who wrote it.  Googled his name and discovered information. He was born in Iran and was of the Bahai faith; and had been persecuted by Muslims. He was forced to leave and go to India with his uncle. He was a writer, so I checked Amazon and found a book entitled The Bible of Mankind (it defined many of the world’s religions.) He was most enlightened. I am passing along his divine spiritual food for the soul:

The Path to Spiritual Unfoldment

Love and serve humanity. Praise every soul. If you cannot praise him, let him pass out of your life. Dare, dare and dare; and then dare more. Do not imitate. Be original. Be inventive. Be yourself. Know yourself. Stand on your own ground.

Do not lean on the borrowed staff of others. Think your own thoughts. There is no saint without a past. There is no sinner without a future. See only good in every face. All the perfections of the Creator are hidden within you. Reveal them. Let his spirit flow. Be cheerful. Be courteous. Be a dynamo of irrepressible happiness.

Assist everyone. Let your life be like unto a rose; though silent it speaks in the language of fragrance. You are a trinity of body, mind and soul. The food of the soul is Divine Love. Therefore feed your mind on Divine Love so that body and mind are invigorated. Be deaf and dumb concerning the faults of others. Do not listen to gossip. Silence the tale-bearer with virtuous conversation. Stop the circulation of the poisonous germs of religious fanaticism through your veins and arteries and those of your children. Never argue with any soul concerning his religious beliefs. Religious controversies lead to hatred and separation. Spirituality is love and fellowship, not theological dogmas, creeds and rituals.

When you have real love, tolerance and sympathy in your heart for your fellowman, you have the highest type of faith, no matter by what name you call yourself.  Rest assured that the emancipation of the world is through the One who created Love and in the nameless Religion of Love. Develop the qualities of essential goodness. Every soul is endowed with the attributes of intrinsic beauty. Discover those attributes and hold them before the world. Spirituality is a personal relationship between man and his Maker. Do not interfere with it. Do not organize it. Neither try to reduce it to statements. Organization, in whatever form, is the death-knell of spirituality. Do not preach this. Practice it and demonstrate it.

Let no one dictate to you regarding what you should do or what you should not believe and do in your spiritual life. The Ultimate Authority is the Authority of the Spirit within you and not that of any man, dead or alive. The Unerring Witness is standing in the center of your being. All powerful. Mighty and Supreme! His is the final testimony. His is the court of last appeal. His love is in you and for you. Share it with others through association. Do not court separation from the creatures, but unite with them in love. To know yourself through your fellowship with others - is to know truth. Have courage. Realize your divine origin. You are the ray of the sun of immortal bliss. You and the Father are One. The Deathless Radiant Self is in you. Reverence your celestial station. No harm will come to you. His Perfect Image created you. Abide in the fort of His Protection. Association with all people will lead to spiritual unfoldment and not the deterioration of the soul. Live above the world of faith and infidelity: religion and atheism; liberalism and orthodoxy; truth and error; angel and devil; and you will be living with and in the Creator’s world of absolute goodness; absolute beauty; and absolute perfection.

In spirituality there is no compulsion. The path to spiritual unfoldment is not by restrictions and constraints; not anathema and excommunication, but by constant progress from world to world, from star to star, from constellation to constellation, forever and without end. The Light of Lights is in your heart. Uncover it. Let it shine for the illumination of mankind. Do not expect a favor from friend or foe, and you shall never be disappointed. Overcome malice, envy, personal spite, and prejudice - and you will be the Master of Destiny. Do not condemn a single soul. In condemning him, you are condemning yourself. Never for an instant forget that he is also a traveler here.

Upon the great sea of spirit, there is room for every spirit, there is room for every sail. In the limitless sky of truth, there is room for every wing. Have a sin-covering eye. See only the beautiful, the lovely, the noble. Be gentle. Be lenient. Be frank. Be positive. Soar in the atmosphere of freedom. Walk in your chosen path and let no criticism disturb you in the least. This is the way to success, happiness, health, glory and prosperity. Let me walk on a path of spiritual unfoldment all the days of my life.

We are born for a reason and purpose. Everyone has talents that we are supposed to discover and nourish. These talents will contribute greatly, if one develops them. The Bible speaks of buried talents; many assume this means money. Well, having something to contribute is a talent that will put money into your pocket. It is not only a duty to discover one’s abilities, but in using them wisely, one will thrive and be able to influence and help others do the same.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

The Protein Obsession

In 1973 I came across a book which changed my life, it was called Health Secrets from Europe.  By the time I finished reading it, I was convinced to become a total vegetarian,  Friends and family warned me that I was risking my health by not eating fish, meat or poultry. Well, I learned differently. In 8 years I was in the best condition of my life. In 1981 I did my first marathon. I ran 4 hours and 25 minutes non-stop; and for most of the run felt like I was flying.

At the time I did this marathon, I was 47 years old. I was in top condition, after eating a vegetarian diet and running for six solid months on Connecticut roads.  I was training six days a week. Three days working out in a gym and three days outside running. There is a lot of greenery in Connecticut and the air was very clean. Running on country roads provides one with lots of oxygen from the trees and bushes..

What was my diet like at that time? I was eating lots of raw salads, drinking carrot juice and eating an abundance of fruit. The only supplement I used was spirulina.    I put a heaping tablespoon of powder in a drink made with lemon juice and honey. I had been introduced to spirulina by a friend of my mother. I stayed at her home in Phoenix, during a cross country trip on my way to Connecticut. She gave me some Light Force Spirulina for my trip and I experienced incredible energy . When I got to Connecticut I purchased some spirulina, but it was not the same. I tried a few other brands, but I was disappointed. In January 1981 I came across an ad for Light Force Spirulina - and sent for it.  It was fairly expensive and I hesitated using it for about a month. Debating whether I should send it back. I was so disappointed with wasting money on several other brands and wondered, if it was just psychological…the energy I experienced when I first tried it.

In February 1981 I started using Light Force Spirulina on a regular basis and my energy went over the top.  I felt so good, I started running regularly;  and within six months I worked up to a  26 mile marathon. I joined Lightfoot Runner’s group in Norwalk, Ct.  On April 12th , after doing a 5-mile run, I heard a well known runner Kiki Sweigert give a talk. She said that it took her several years to work up to a 5 mile run at 22 years of age. It made me feel good to think that I did a 5 mile run at the age of 47, after training for 2 months, on a vegetarian diet.

In June 1981 I entered a competition in which nine Connecticut men and I (all of us were 46 years or older) challenged the 46 year old Norwalk Mayor to a two mile run.  The mayor said he'd been running six months.  After the race I heard the mayor say that he had been running for 12 years. I came in 47 seconds behind him,. I wore a tee-shirt which said Spirulina Mama and was written up in a number of Connecticut newspapers. I was the only woman in this event.  After the run, it was really funny, a few people wanted me to run for the Mayor of Norwalk!!! There were photos of me in the newspapers and comments were made on my level of fitness.

I continued using Light Force Spirulina for years, until another company took over. They jumped the price so high I started to think twice about using it. Then a miracle happened, my friend Jean won a trip to Maui.
She invited me to go along with her in May 1998. It was a fantastic experience. I had always wanted to go to Hawaii. While we were there, we went into a little health food store and  found they were selling spirulina powder, which was grown in Hawaii. I found out I could buy this spirulina from a company in Long Beach, CA. It was called Pure Planet (for an affordable price). I continued using spirulina for another ten years. After 27 years, I was guided to stop. I found another supplement, which I am being guided to use now. Spirulina was touted as having a great deal of B12, but I have an ultra high requirement. Now, I am using a B12 spray. This puts the B12 directly into the bloodstream through being absorbed under the tongue.

Hawaii was an experience. Jean and I took a helicopter trip over Maui . I was surprised to see that a great deal of the island was covered with hardened red lava. It was not the lush green tropical paradise I had envisioned. 
 I never saw a pineapple plantation. I was told that their main crop was sugar cane. We did receive a nice breakfast buffet at the  Ambassador Suites Hotel, but we also wanted to buy some fruit. We went to local markets and were very disappointed in the quality and price of the fruit.. We expected better fruit. in Hawaii.

A truly memorable day was spent going out on a chartered boat with a group to snorkel.  We had an incredible experience - we found ourselves swimming right next to,  about a half dozen gigantic sea turtles. We were taken to an area where the water was so clear that you could look down more than a hundred feet and see a huge Manta Ray moving on the bottom below. It was truly a very exhilarating day enjoying nature close up. The fish that we saw while snorkeling,  were very colorful.

I digressed a bit from the topic of The Protein Obsession, but at 78 I have found that I am doing great without eating meat or poultry. I don't worry about obtaining  protein.  I learned through personal experimentation. too much protein causes problems in the human body. Few people are getting too little. Every food has protein and if you eat enough food you will be getting more than enough protein. There is little chance of developing kwashiorkor in this country. You have seen photos of very skinny African children with extended bellies from lack of protein. In this country excess protein, fat and carbohydrates causes many to become obese…with extended bellies.

In 1961, when I started studying nutrition, Adele Davis was a top nutritional guru. She wrote a number of books on nutrition;  promoting a high protein diet. Her writings sounded glowing and I started following her
I put myself and my family on a high protein program. Within two years my son and I had to have our tonsils removed at the same time. I got very fat and lethargic; and had no energy. My daughter had a tiny stomach and didn’t eat much, but my son and I ate lots of protein and we had lots of of colds and sore throats. I learned first hand, about the end results of ingesting too much protein.

In 1973 I stopped all animal protein and felt much better.  However, in 1976 I went to Dr. Paavo Airola for a nutritional consultation.  He said that I needed more protein and advised me to start eating lots of dairy.
He said I needed more protein, because I would be nursing a baby in six weeks. Well, I paid him for his advice and within three months I had a large tumor in my vagina. I had to pay two other doctors for examinations; and both told me that I needed an operation. I was given no guarantees to live, if I didn’t have this tumor surgically removed. I told the second doctor that I was going home to pray and was told not to pray too long. Well, I prayed and a book came into my hands. It was called Raw Fruit and Vegetable Juices by Dr. N.W, Walker.
I felt this was the answer. In another 2-½ months the tumor was gone.  I learned about the perils of protein (and fat). Cheese is loaded with protein and fat.. It takes 8 -10 lbs of milk to make one pound of cheese. People have to get over their obsession with protein. There is protein in every food. People have been given all kinds of erroneous information regarding protein. By the way Dr. Airola died at 64 from a stroke. He was from Finland a country that promotes high protein dairy.  They have a great deal of heart disease in Finland.

This high protein myth has been created in order to manipulate humans, into purchasing lots of the food industry’s products, which increases their Bottom Line. What has this done for the average consumer? 
It has created an obesity problem and lowered his/her health expectations. We are in 38th place in longevity. High protein usually comes along with high fat. For example a 2 oz egg has 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. The same goes for cheese A one oz piece of cheese can contain 6- 9 grams of protein and 6 -9 grams of fat.. I used to eat 4-8 oz at a time This is 48-72 grams of protein and 48-72 grams of fat(depending on the type of cheese). Who eats just one food daily? It took a lifetime to find my protein limit was 26 grams. Our dietary standard says 56 grams. Many people are eating over 100 grams of protein daily. Is it any wonder that America is not a healthy country with its fixation on high protein.

How much protein do adults need? There is not a great difference in the amount, between a small adult and a large adult. Would you believe a 14 gram difference? The maximum amount: 21 to 35 grams of protein.
depending on  one's size. The minimum amount: 15 to 25 grams. Protein is mainly used for growth and repair. How much more growth do you want to achieve? How much repair is going on in your body? In the fruit department, Bananas have more protein than most fruits…5.48 grams per lb. Some People could live on 3 lbs of bananas daily…they contain sufficient protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Babies only need five grams of protein daily. During the depression bananas were very inexpensive  - and my father fed me primarily on bananas, as a tiny baby. I thrived on bananas, which I still eat every single day.
One pound of bananas has enough protein for a baby’s daily diet. I have seen photographs of me as a baby and I was not skinny  I looked very healthy and I was rarely ill. 

My obstetrician admitted in 1976 that  I knew more than he did about nutrition. Now, if a doctor has little nutritional knowledge how can he give you the answers you need? Poor nutrition causes health problems.
The major cause of health problems is the wrong foods. Logic should tell you doctors need to study the subject of nutrition, if they really want to help their patients. Doctors tell their patients to eat a lot of protein…and this information is not what their patients need.   This obsession with getting lots of protein has to cease.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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Clues To A Long And Healthy Life

Longevity doesn't just depend on genetics.  There are other factors in this equation, such as, avoiding serious accidents, having access to nutritious food and a joie de'vivre (joy of living.
Searching out people who have lived the longest provides clues to aid in extending our own longevity. Although there are many claims of super longevity, few hold up under close scrutiny. Some groups of people who have been extolled as living super long lives; actually could not be verified. The Caucasus people of Russia for one, are in this category. It seems the Russian government promoted erroneous propaganda to boost its own image. However, there are documented super centenarians and it was interesting to find - to what did they attribute their longevity?

A French woman by the name of Jeanne Calment lived the longest recorded life (1885-1997). It was 122 years. I’d attribute her longevity to a joie de vivre.  She had the proper  mental attitude and enjoyed her life daily.
She didn’t let anything bother her. She said, “If you can’t do anything about it; don’t worry about it.“ This information came from a man who wrote her biography. He said that she was unflappable. She smoked two cigarettes daily from the age of 21, until she turned 117 years; she drank port wine all her life; and ate 1 kg /2 lbs. of chocolate a week. As a young woman, she had many hobbies, such as cycling, tennis, roller skating, playing the piano and the opera. At 85 she took up fencing and continued to ride her bicycle up to her 100th birthday. She wasn’t fanatical about health or exercise. However she was healthy. She walked all over Arles, France to thank the people who had acknowledged her 100th birthday.

In 1896 Jeanne Calment had married a 2nd cousin, Nicolas Calment, who was a wealthy shop owner. She led a relatively stress-free leisurely life in France. They had one daughter who died in 1934 (at the age of 36) from pneumonia. She left a small son for Jeanne to raise. In 1942 she lost her husband, after he consumed a dinner with spoiled cherries. He was 73. Her grandson became a doctor…and was killed in an automobile accident in 1963 at the age of 36. By 1963 at 88 years of age, she had no close kin left. It's interesting what happened next.

Mrs. Calment was approached by a 47 year old realtor who offered to buy her home, but would let her live in it and pay her a monthly stipend, until she died. Well, he started paying her at 90 and she lived another 32 years. The realtor died at 77 years in 1995, two years before she died. His wife continued to pay Jeanne for the next two years, after the husband died. She received $180,000 for her property; twice what it was worth. Jeanne had no financial concerns. This eliminates stress.

She lived alone and took care of herself. until she moved into a nursing home at 110. At 115, she was confined to a wheel chair, when she fractured her hip. After this her memory started failing and by the time she died she was almost blind and totally deaf. It amazed me that she lived such a long life eating 2 lbs of chocolate weekly. It binds calcium and causes the bones to weaken. If she had been eating right, she would have been far healthier in her latter years and perhaps would have lived even longer. However, I noted she was not over-weight; she weighed 94 lbs in 1994. This is a definite factor in longevity. The less one weighs, the better.  
It saves the heart from having to pump blood through miles and miles of additional arteries

The longest lived male (1882-1998) Christian Mortensen was born in Denmark. His longevity record: 115 years 252 days. His occupation was listed as tailor. He immigrated to Chicago, Illinois as a young man. He married, then divorced after ten years.. He retired to Galveston, Texas at 68. Twenty eight years later, at 96 years, he entered a retirement home in San Rafael, California. At the end of life he was confined to a wheelchair and was legally blind. He did eat a vegetarian diet. His favorite pastime was listening to music on the radio. On his 115th birthday, he was asked for longevity advice. He said, “Friends, a good cigar occasionally, drinking lots of water, no alcohol, staying positive and lots of singing will keep you alive.“

In searching for information on the subject of longevity, I noted there were 104 documented super centenarians. The females totally outnumbered the males. There were 96 females versus 8 males who were super centenarians. The majority (54) were from the USA. Japan was second (19);   France and the United Kingdom tied at 7 each; leaving 17 super centenarians from ten other countries.

The Japanese are living the longest. Their life expectancy is 82.6 years. The United States is 38th on the list: 78.2 years. Okinawa is setting records. There are more supercentenarians in Okinawa:  50 per 100,000. What factors promote their long healthy lives? Low stress, an abundance of local organic fruits and vegetables, seaweed (iodine and other minerals) and lots of vitamin D in sunshine.

I came across a list of what is being claimed are the seven countries with the world’s healthiest people. Their statistics weren’t valid per the United Nations. The United States has more super centenarians. In my own circle, my grandmother’s lived to 87 and 89. My mother to 89. Two of her sisters lived to…92 and 97. My father lived to 83. His father lived to 80. I have an uncle who is 93. His wife is in her late eighties. Another uncle (through marriage) lived 99-½ years. His longevity secret: always wear a smile and be happy.

An aunt who lived to 97, was willing to alter her diet at 75, because she didn’t want to give up golf and ballroom dancing. She had started to become arthritic; and her hands could not even hold on to her golf club.  
 I advised her to stop all grains…and eat more steamed vegetables. I went to her home to show her housekeeper how to prepare meals for her. I took three large pots with steamers…loaded them with all kinds of vegetables. She asked me, “Where is the army that is going to eat all this food?” Well, the “army” - her housekeeper, my aunt and I finished every bit. My aunt was amazed to find she could eat so much. The outcome: the arthritis went and she lived another 22 years; playing golf and ballroom dancing. Then one night she simply went to sleep and didn’t wake up.

Roy Walford, M.D. wrote Maximum Life Span in 1983. Unfortunately, Dr. Wolford did not know that there is a difference between rats and humans.  It's amazing that rats are used to determine human longevity foods.  Rats aren't even even closely related to the human species. He touted many questionable foods. His information about limiting calories was valid; as being obese decreases longevity. He set a 10% fat maximum, which is good. His protein limit was 25% or less; depending on age. From what I have read a 15% protein max is better. If one is not healthy and the organs are malfunctioning; ingesting more protein is a stress. Eating low calorie greens in abundance is more beneficial; they are easier to digest. He promoted a 1500 calorie diet. He advised people supplementation was necessary, because of the inability of his diet to contain all the necessary nutrients. However, his recommended foods weren't longevity-increasing foods. Dr. Roy Walford died at the age of 79 in 2004.

Dr. N.W. Walker who wrote ten books on the subject of health and nutrition is the only nutritional scientist I know who lived over one hundred healthy years.  The gentleman died in 1985 and I was sent a copy of his eulogy and the tribute, which were given. His publisher Donald Woodside put it succinctly in speaking of his integrity and health in the tribute…“He was not ill - and he had no disease in his body; he never suffered any pain, and his mind was clear and active to the very end. He simply went peacefully to sleep and did not awaken….”

What were the major factors that contributed to Dr. Walker’s good health and longevity? Spiritual attunement, natural foods and a true purposeful life. He lived to educate and teach others how to be healthy. He found answers and wanted to share them with others. I corresponded with Dr. Walker and he advised me on how to set up my own center. He stressed making it affordable. His books were ultra affordable and some are still available at

Food is important.The right food nourishes the cells.The wrong food destroys them. Conscious eating is being aware of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. 
It is within the power of every person to live a long healthy life. It does take focusing on the principles, which can bring this about. Natural unprocessed food is a prime requirement. We are what we eat. The quality of our future life is more important than its length. Who wants to be confined to a wheelchair, blind and deaf.? Think ahead, Live right in the present and strive to do your best to keep healthy.

Alcohol is not verboten. A little red wine has nourishment. Even tequila is not off limits. However, grain alcohol is a cell destroyer.  Avoid it.
Dr. Walker’s last book Natural Weight Control was published in 1981. It has great information on how the wrong beverages are destroying the human body.

In order to be happy, one must find one what the French call raison de’tre…a reason for being.  I found mine, when I was handed health books in 1961.
I decided to turn off the TV and focus on learning. I had read that one could become an expert, by concentrating on a subject for 20 years. I had found something I was interested in and decided to focus on nutrition. I found my passion. Everyone has something to offer. They need to find their passion. It will give them a real purpose in living.

According to Genesis 6:3, mankind has been given 120 years by our Creator. We were created, so we could accelerate the growth of our soul. Food for the soul is equally, if not more important than food for the body. Many are living empty lives and have no idea what it feels like to experience the joy of our Creator's loving energy. They have no idea of the love they are missing.  Peace and harmony exist, when you have a beautiful relationship with your Source.  Dr. Walker had this relationship. Human beings are under a great deal of stress living in a very chaotic society. They need a haven, where they can go. They need a loving spiritual connection. Communicate. You are heard. The Maker knows our every thought. Our Creator has the answers we need to live a long and happy life.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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Vitamin C: You Can't Live Without It!

Many are aware natural vitamin C is necessary, but most people don't know all the things this vitamin does to keep them healthy. I was very impressed, when I looked into all its functions.
I am sure that you will be impressed too. It appears to be involved in everything that goes on in our bodies. First of all vitamin C carries hydrogen to every cell. Just as the red blood corpuscles carry oxygen, so for every chemical change involving hydrogen, we need vitamin C. Even more important vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen, which is the cement that glues together the various cells into tissues. It's important in the formation and upkeep of skin, bones, teeth, cartilage, connective tissue - and in fact every part of our bodies contain some of this protein material which can only be formed, when vitamin C is present in sufficient quantities.

The amount of oxygen our bodies need depends partly on vitamin C. The function of our blood vessels and heart depends on sufficient vitamin C. Wounds heal quicker, when enough vitamin C is present. Infections are less common. Under conditions of stress, such as extreme cold or heat, fatigue or anxiety, vitamin C is used up rapidly; must be replaced. This indicates how important vitamin C is to our adrenal glands, which storehouse it..

Many studies have indicated that high amounts of vitamin C appear to prevent cholesterol build-up on the inside walls of blood vessels. Could sufficient vitamin C prevent heart and vascular diseases? The strength of our capillary walls depend on vitamin C. If they are fragile from lack of vitamin C, there is a greater chance of hemorrhage; which may result in a stroke, or death from a brain or heart hemorrhage. Vitamin C is also critical in anemia as it plays an important role in the formation of red blood corpuscles in the bone marrow. It also works in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals. Too much or too little can strongly affect the health of the individual. Vitamin C deficiencies may show up in the form of scurvy, tooth decay, gum infections, pyorrhea, lack of appetite, anemia, malnutrition, delayed wound healing, impaired immune response, eye problems, such as cataracts, etc.

Amazing to read about all the health problems nutritional doctors treated with this simple vitamin from allergies to bee stings to fertility to ulcers. For years I used regular ascorbic acid. Today, I use Solgar C-Complex (500 mg), which contains calcium ascorbate, which is buffered, It will not irritate the stomach. It also contains, hesperidin, rutin and citrus bioflavonoids. It is far more potent and beneficial than ascorbic acid, which can irritate the stomach. It costs $30 for 250 capsules (500 mg) at I have checked out many other products in the marketplace. Many have harmful ingredients in them, which can be toxic. Some vitamin C is made from corn sugar, which is GM. The value of a product depends on the integrity of the manufacturer. I know Solgar comes highly recommended by trusted doctors.

Some people have asked me about acerola cherries. I checked them out and found that they contain other ingredients, which are questionable. In over 25 years of doing consultations, I found no one who could handle grapefruit. There is an unidentified substance in grapefruit that affects the sinuses; contributing to post nasal drip and coughing. Some Acerola brands have grapefruit powder in them. Others have malto dextrin…possibly derived from GMO corn. I checked Emergen-C years ago and wouldn’t recommend it.

A client asked me to check a vitamin C product called Lypo-spheric vitamin C, which uses a new nano-technology I had read about recently.There are doctors whom I respect who warn people that this new technology, using extremely small particles, hasn’t been around long enough to have proven whether it is safe or not. They advise their readers to avoid it. I checked to find what the source of Lypo-spheric vitamin C was…it was non-GMO corn and they also used non-GMO soy. It comes in a gel and a 30 day supply costs in the neighborhood of $45 with shipping. It is rather pricey.

Some animals in nature can make their own vitamin C, but humans, some primates, guinea pigs, bats, birds and fish can’t manufacture it. They need to eat natural foods in order to obtain it. Raw foods are the best, because cooking food destroys C. The best sources come from raw fruit and vegetables, such as, kiwi fruit, limes, lemons, guava, red pepper, green pepper, strawberries, and raw spinach. There are other vegetables that have been recommended, but they need to be cooked; and cooking wipes out most of the vitamin C. There are certain fruits, such as, camu camu and the kakadu Plum, which are ultra high in vitamin C, but they were not designed for human consumption. The same goes for rose hips. Mankind has the erroneous idea all plants were created for its benefit alone; not considering the multitude of other species that exist on the planet with their own specific needs.

Our government has established a standard for adults: women 75 mg. Men 90 mg. With an upper limit of no more than 2000 mg maximum. Years ago, I experimented with using 5000 mg per day, after reading some information coming from Linus Pauling. I didn’t keep it up. It did not produce diarrhea. This is what happens when the body overdoses on vitamin C. In 1977 I attended a health conference in Las Vegas and had the privilege of hearing a number of important health-oriented medical researchers, such as E. Cheraskin, M.D., Richard Passwater, M.D. and Linus Pauling, PhD. Dr. Cheraskin advocated the use of 500 mg of vitamin C daily. He said that in a doctor’s study it was found that this was the ideal amount, if there were no stress and one were living under super conditions. How many have an ideal life with no stress? It probably wouldn’t hurt for those who are undergoing stress to take 1000 mg daily. However, if they incorporated some healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating more raw foods, eliminated junk foods, got enough rest, sufficient exercise and factored in some spiritual attunement; they could lower their vitamin C requirement in half. I don’t believe the government standards are valid, with all the unhealthy people in the USA.

There are people who have to avoid using too much vitamin C. because they have a problem with absorbing too much iron in their bodies. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron, which is good for some, but bad for others. On the other hand, people need to be aware that if they use too much sugar, it will wipe out vitamin C. Sugar is antagonistic to vitamin C.

Linus Pauling, chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, the biggest proponent of using ultra high amounts of vitamin C had this to say: “Ascorbic acid is made from glucose (corn sugar) boiled with sulfuric acid. What is called rose hips (natural) vitamin C is the same pure crystalline ascorbic acid with a bunch of rose hips powder added. The “natural” ascorbic acid is out of the same barrel from Hoffman-LaRoche as the others, but with a pinch of rose hips powder.

Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi, the Nobel prize winner for discovering vitamin C, wrote to the editor of the esteemed journal Nature, July 1936, p. 7.   He wrote that when it comes to anti-scurvy and anti-hemorrhagic effects, there are “other substances of similar importance and activity that accompany ascorbic acid.” More important when Szent-Gyorgyi tried to cure scurvy and other bleeding conditions, he found “with pure ascorbic acid, we obtained no response. Yet when red pepper or lemon or lime juice was used, the condition was readily cured.” The reason for this is simple, mankind can not process and isolate one factor and expect it to work, when there are significant factors missing. The sailors who were healed of scurvy used raw lime juice, which contained the whole complex…citrus bioflavonoids, rutin and hesperidin.

The integrity of the blood vessels is dependent on the entire vitamin C complex and other nutrient factors, which boost its healing power. People taking super doses of ascorbic acid still have pink toothbrush, still have brown skin on their legs from capillary fragility, and still suffer from arteriosclerosis sub clinical scurvy, and other blood vessel problems, because they are not getting enough whole vitamin C Complex. A whole-food extract of vitamin C rich foods will resolve these problems where ascorbic acid tablets routinely fail. Recently, I factored into my food regime, much higher amounts of lime juice. Time will tell, what changes this could bring about. 

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

PS: Cancer Control Convention @ Sheraton Universal, Universal City, CA   Sept 1, 2 & 3, 2012
Additional information:   There are many interesting booths to visit.  I would recommend World Choice Products  (Robert Guerro - Moringa Powder) and Nikken Water Systems (Tina Peters).  They offer specials at the convention. 

B-Happy! B-Knowledgeable! Are You Getting Enough B's?

If you want to experience a major difference in your emotional state and your energy level, just make sure you are feeding your brain and your body enough B complex vitamins. 
Years ago, doctors used to offer their patients a shot of vitamin B 12, if their energy level started dropping. However, this is not exactly the way to go. There are about eight B vitamins that work synergistically to keep the brain and body in balance. So, if a person gets an overdose of B-12 it increases the need for the other vitamins of the B Family Complex. If one doesn’t get the rest of the B-Complex, it will create an imbalance leading to physical and mental disturbances.

Everyone knows how important B-12 is. If one doesn’t get enough, one can wind up with pernicious anemia and some very major health problems. Few really understand how important the whole B Complex is. If good health is important, you have to learn more about the entire B-Complex. You may have noticed on food ingredient lists that certain foods contained B vitamins, but can we depend on these processed foods to contain specific amounts, after they have been processed? If you knew that high temperatures wiped out most vitamins, would you trust that you are getting enough, when you eat heat-processed foods? Many are told that only animal foods contain B12, but no one I know eats raw meat - and dairy is pasteurized at 200 degrees; and is not a recommended food source. It contains too much protein and fat.

It’s interesting to know mankind used to get B-12 from ingesting dirt. People throughout history weren’t so dirt-phobic or germ conscious, as they are today. Yes, this dirt that mankind consumed had a factor in it, which produced B12. So, today people eat animals, which get their B-12 from the dirt that they happen to ingest with their food. Are eating animals and animal products the best method for getting B12? If people ate more organically grown produce, coming from farms that they could trust; and didn’t wash these foods so as to remove all dirt; it would be a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, how many know where and how their foods are being grown. We can’t assume that all soils contain B12 factor.

Since I don’t eat meat or healthy dirt and eggs don’t have enough B12, I use a B-12 supplement. The container has a sprayer, so it can be used sublingually. When it comes in the form of s spray, it is easier for the B-12 to get directly into the bloodstream. It is absorbed through the lining of the mouth and does not have to go through the stomach’s digestive fluids. Some people say that the best form of B12 is methylcobalamin. I asked for guidance and I’m using cyanocobalamin. It works for me. I have no symptoms of B12 deficiency. I am using Dr. Mercola’s B12 spray.

It's important for everyone (even people who eat animal products) to know what symptoms can occur, if one is not getting enough Vitamin B12.
A deficiency can occur in non-vegetarians, too. As people age their bodies lack the ability to assimilate nutrients from their foods, as well. Some of the main symptoms from lack of B-12 and the other B vitamins as well, are neurological problems. Think senility! Think cantankerous! Did you ever wonder what is creating so many mental illnesses today? The following are some of the states induced by B-vitamin deficiency:  behavior disorders, lack of concentration, confusion, dementia, depression, fatigue, poor memory, and paranoia. Doctors need to bone up on nutrition; and treat patients with vitamins, not drugs.

The B Vitamins work in conjunction with each other. There are eight main ones: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. They're all considered necessary. For example, B1 (Thiamine) is very important in preventing a serious disease called beriberi, causing weight loss and mental confusion; B2 (riboflavin) prevents many serious skin disorders; B3 (niacin) along with tryptophan (an amino acid) prevents pellagra, which causes mental problems, skin problems, diarrhea, and more. B5 (pantothenic acid) deficiency may cause skin disorders; B6 (pyridoxine) deficiency can cause anemia, mental disorders, high blood pressure, water retention, and elevated levels of homocysteine;
B7 (biotin) may not cause symptoms in adults, but it can cause impaired growth and neurological disorders in infants;  B9 (folic acid) deficiency results in diarrhea, depression, macrocytic anemia, a swollen red tongue, and elevated homocysteine. It is recommended that women, even before they get pregnant should be using B9; and pregnant women need B9 to prevent neural tube defects in their developing fetus. Finally, B12 (cobalamin) deficiency results in macrocytic anemia, elevated homocysteine, peripheral neuropathy, memory loss and other cognitive disorders. It is most likely to occur in elderly people, through poor absorption or lack of B12 in their foods.

The Doctors’ newsletters I subscribe to, concur it’s most important to buy vitamins from reputable manufacturers, which produce quality products. Doctors have recommended Solgar. I have checked out many supplements and found Solgar to be a top manufacturer of specific vitamins, such as, B Complex vitamins. I also utilize many other vitamins and amino acids they produce. I like their B vitamins, because they don’t contain gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, sugar; sodium, artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, color, and are dairy-free; suitable for vegetarians. I have used Solgar supplements for years. I’d recommend buying them through as they discount their supplements; and ship them free for a certain low expenditure.

B vitamins are water-soluble, and go right through the body and any excess will exit in the urine. Most B vitamins need to be replenished regularly. The urine is noticeably more bright green-yellow, when one is using B vitamins. There are no upper limits for B1, B2, B5, B7 and B12. B3 can cause side effects, if one uses over 1000 mg/day without being medically supervised. However, some doctors are using 2000 mg daily to treat arterial plaque development. B6 intake of more than 1000 mg/day has been associated with peripheral sensory neuropathy. B9 should not be taken without using B12 and the rest of the B complex; or it could mask B12 deficiency. This means everyone needs the whole B complex.

People are sometimes fearful of taking vitamins, because of information they have read. I think it’s wise to question the source of this information.
My bookshelves are loaded with books from many reputable sources…and I have yet to find any sincere health researchers who are warning people to totally avoid supplements. Supplements are not to be utilized in place of nutritious food. They simply fill in the gaps, which are caused by the society we live in today. It’s a fact: our soils are deficient. For years they have only received some cheap fertilizers, which did not contain all the nutrients that are supposed to be returned to our soil. How many large agribusinesses are using compost? Usually, three cheap substances are added back, but there are over 100 nutrients that are missing.

It’s a fact: There is a time gap between harvest and travel time to the food processor or the marketplace. Food deteriorates in nutritional value within a very short time, after being harvested. Next, processing food wipes out a great deal of its value. It does not have the full component which is supposed to be in it, even if it was grown organically. Thirdly, after it is purchased and taken to the home, most food is cooked. Our whole society is hooked on the taste of processed foods loaded with unnatural ingredients to enhance its flavor. Many people can’t eat a bite without using additional condiments. What is left nutrition-wise, after all these procedures occur? Not much! I aim for as much raw food as possible, but I still believe in using supplements. I would rather produce expensive urine than suffer health problems.

B Vitamins play an important role in the health of the human body. It’s amazing to think what the world would be like, if every one used them.  
Be aware of the different functions they effect:

1) The B Complex vitamins support energy and increase the rate of metabolism.

2) The B vitamins help maintain healthy skin, hair and good muscle tone.

3) The B vitamins enhance the function of the immune system and nervous system

4) B’s promote cell growth & division; forming red blood cells to prevent anemia

5) B’s reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, when consumed in the right foods.

6) The B complex enhances cardiovascular health and reduces stress

7) B vitamins are needed in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein.

What foods contain B vitamins? Foods that don’t need processing and are eaten raw. B vitamins are heat-sensitive; destroyed by high temperatures.. Organic raw greens contain good amounts of B vitamins. Raw, unprocessed fruits also contain B vitamins, too. Bananas are rich in B6 and many other nutrients. The quality of the food is more important than a large variety. Certified organic eggs coming from the right source can be cooked lightly or added raw to smoothies. A small amount of wild-caught sea food lightly cooked or in some cases eaten raw contains B vitamins. Raw nuts, such as, almonds and walnuts have B’s; need to be eaten in small quantities of an ounce or less. These quality foods, along with fruits and vegetables would produce a far superior level of health than what most people are experiencing today. There are many fruits and vegetables people are eating, which are thought to be healthy. However, if people eat a simple fruit or vegetable; not designed for the human species; it causes a negative reaction internally. This is why I am only mentioning foods, which I know have merit.

People need to realize it's far better for one’s health to eat six small meals daily; rather than three larger ones.This keeps the blood sugar level stable. The more raw food you eat, the more B vitamins you will obtain. This along with adequate supplementation, will ensure a fully functioning body and brain. One’s happiness quotient is sure to be raised by feeding the brain and body right.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

P.S. Not To Be Missed: Cancer Control Convention at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, Sept 1, 2 and 3. See: for a list of speakers, topics and times. Many exhibitors with interesting health products.

Acrylamide: Does This Sound Like Something To Eat?

Most people are eating acrylamide daily.  However, only a few are aware that this cancer-causing substance exists.  It is found primarily in cooked foods.  Fortunately, I've avoided it, because I am not into cooking a lot.
In 2002, Swedish researchers provoked worldwide concern, when they discovered people were taking in acrylamide through their diets. They found that common foods such as bread, biscuits, pastry, potato chips contained this chemical called acrylamide. It was known to cause tumors in rats and it is a neurotoxin, which seemed likely to be a human carcinogen, too. It is mainly detected in cooked foods. Although, it has been found in dried fruits, such as, dried pears and prunes.

Those women who ingest mostly cooked food in their dietary regime are more than twice as likely to develop womb or ovarian cancer, according to a 11 year Danish study, involving over 62,000 women.
Later research showed that whenever food is fried, roasted, toasted or grilled to turn it a tasty golden brown, acrylamide is also formed. High temperatures (over 250 degrees) are responsible for creating acrylamide, when carbohydrate-rich foods are cooked. The worst offenders are potato chips and French fries, two of the most popular vegetable items in the American diet. However, even a “healthy” natural food, like a cooked sweet potato could boost your risk of cancer significantly. Later studies, have found acrylamide in black olives, prune juice, and coffee. Estimates for the proportion of acrylamide in adults’ diet coming from the consumption of coffee range from twenty to forty percent. Prune juice has a high concentration of acrylamide, although adults consume it in far smaller quantities. The FDA has analyzed a variety of U.S. food products for levels of acrylamide since 2002.

Acrylamide forms from a reaction between sugars and an amino acid (asparagine) during high temperature cooking. Many foods from coffee and breakfast cereal to bread, contain acrylamide.
In 2003, researchers analyzed the acrylamide levels of some common Swedish foods such as processed potato products, bread, breakfast cereals, biscuits, cookies, snacks and coffee. They estimated the average daily intake of the chemical to be 31 mcg/day, which they said could be associated with potential health risks according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) data. The federal limit for acrylamide in drinking water is 0.5 parts per billion, or about 0.12 micrograms in an eight ounce glass of water. However, a six ounce serving of French fries can contain 60 micrograms of acrylamide, or about 500 times the allowable limit. Some potato chips contain acrylamide in levels 900 times over the legal limit.

In 2005, the state of California actually sued four well-known potato chip manufacturers for failing to warn California consumers about the potential health risk of acrylamide in their processed food products.
The companies were H. J. Heinz Co., Frito-Lay, Kettle Foods, Inc., and Lance, Inc. On August 1, 2008 they agreed to reduce levels of acrylamide in their products over a three year period and pay a combined
$3 million in fines as a settlement with the California attorney general’s office. California had alleged they had violated a state requirement that companies post a warning label on products with carcinogens.

Once believed to be only an industrial product used in plastics, cosmetics and water treatment facilities; and found in cigarette smoke, it was not until 2002 that researchers found acrylamide in our processed foods. Reactions produced from acrylamide were regularly detected in people who had no known exposure to the chemical, and who had levels approaching 100 mcg - representing a considerable cancer risk - were found in Swedish adults. Looking for a possible source, researchers hypothesized that acrylamide was formed at elevated temperatures in cooking - and they were right.

In The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, researchers noted moderate levels of acrylamide (5-50 mcg/kg) in heated protein-rich food and higher levels (150-4000 mcg/kg) in carbohydrate-rich food. Unheated or boiled foods showed undetectable levels (<5 mcg/kg) of acrylamide, leading researchers to conclude: “Consumption habits indicate that the acrylamide levels in the studied heated foods could lead to a daily intake of a few tens of micrograms.” A 72-hour study of urine from six young healthy volunteers who had consumed a meal containing 0.94 mg of acryl amide concluded that “most of the acrylamide ingested in food is absorbed in humans.”

People need to be made aware that foods are altered by baking them at high temperatures. People can’t assume a food is low in acrylamide , because it hasn’t been fried or charred to a crisp. Baked, is NOT better!According to FDA data, Ore Ida Golden Fries contained 107 parts per billion (ppb) of acrylamide in the regular fried version and a far higher 1,098 ppb, when baked. Frying, baking and broiling appear to be the worst offenders, while boiling or steaming appear to be much safer. I personally advised people to use steaming, when I did my book Sharing from the Heart. If one is going to cook, steaming is the best method. No mention was made regarding microwaves in conjunction with cooking and acrylamide in foods, but microwaves alter the molecules in food; changing them to a form that is not recognized by the human body.

Acrylamide levels have been found to vary greatly among processed foods, even among different batches of the same food item. This toxic chemical has, thus far, only been found in foods heated above 250 F/120 C. However, this happens to include most processed foods. If you want to avoid acrylamide, primarily stick to foods that you are making yourself from scratch and cooking very lightly; or by primarily eating raw foods. It is difficult to eat in a restaurant without getting a large dose of acrylamide; unless you opt for eating fresh salads. If you order a salad, ask for fresh lemon and a little olive oil. Dressings usually contain preservatives and other ingredients that are anything, but healthy..

Animal studiy research has shown that exposure to acrylamide increases the risk of bladder, kidney and prostate cancer, in addition to cancer of the womb or ovarian cancer mentioned previously in this article.
Data from the Netherland Cohort Study on diet and cancer, which included 120,000 adult female and male participants between the ages of 55 and 69, established a dietary cancer risk from acrylamide. Researchers from Maastricht University, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, and the TNO Quality of Life calculated the dietary acrylamide intake of 5,000 random participants, based on food frequency questionnaires filled out when the cohort study began.

The results are presented in the article “Dietary Acrylamide intake and the risk of renal cell, bladder, and prostate cancer” published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (May 2008, Volume 87, pp. 1428-1438). The researchers were J.G. Hogervorst, L.J. Schouten, E.J. Konings, E.A. Goldbohm, P.A. Van Den Brandt. They found that after 13.3 years, those who had the highest dietary acrylamide intake experienced a 59% higher risk of renal cell carcinoma than those with the lowest intake. Renal cell carcinoma is responsible for more than 80% of kidney cancer cases. Kidney cancer is the tenth most common cancer in the world.. There was a total of 339 cases of kidney cancer, 1,210 cases of bladder cancer, and 2,246 cases of prostate cancer observed among study participants. The researchers did not definitely state there was a connection, between acrylamide intake and cancer of the bladder or prostate in human studies; only in animals. See:

The highest average acrylamide intake was 40.8 micrograms per day, while the lowest was 9.5 mcg. Average intake was 21.8 mcg per day, or slightly less than the amount found in 2½ oz of French fries. Every ten micrograms increase in daily intake appeared to elevate a person’s risk of kidney cancer by 10 percent. Among smokers, the effect of dietary intake was even stronger.

In earlier research conducted by the same team of scientists, also using data from the Netherlands Cohort Study, dietary acrylamide was found to increase women’s risk of ovarian cancer 78%.
Their risk of endometrial cancer (in the lining of the uterus) by 29 percent. There were statistics which showed that the risk for women who had never smoked; was even greater.

According to Mary McCullough, a nutritional epidemiologist for the American Cancer Society smoking and obesity are other-known risks. Cigarette smoke and herbicides used on crops contain acrylamide.
It is difficult to avoid acrylamide, if you are around people who smoke - and you are eating a standard American diet with foods that have been grown using herbicides. Then, after being processed, foods are usually cooked again at temperatures well over over 175 degrees, before being put on the dining table.

Acrylamide has also been linked to nerve damage and other neurotoxic effects, including neurological problems in workers handling the substance. Yet, the EPA isn't regulating acryamide in our processed foods.
It set up a standard for the amount of acrylamide in our drinking water, as mentioned previously. It is monitoring residue in materials, which come in contact with our food supply. It would be great if they could start monitoring food products themselves, but this would not make a lot of food producers happy. Most processed foods would have to be removed from the market. It would adversely affect the entire food industry worldwide. It would also affect all those who make a living treating sick people. I note that in some studies that have been done, since 2002; food producers declare there is no risk from acrylamide.. However, health researchers, such as, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, James Braly, M.D.. and others - are aware of the disease-causing potential of high temperature heated grains, vegetables, etc.

TIPS -  you could use to avoid acrylamide:

**Steam foods: better than boiling. Spinach can be steamed in just over a minute.

**Shorten your cooking time and stay under 175 degrees.

**Don’t toast bread…pan fry and warm it in a little butter for less than a minute.

**f you eat bread, sour dough is less toxic than any other gluten bread…even sprouted.

**Buy a sour dough bread with as few ingredients as possible.

**Cut down on coffee consumption. Not more than 2 cups daily.

**Avoid dried fruits, as they contain acrylamide and concentrated sugar, too.

**Avoid grains, as they have been processed at high temperatures (and most contain gluten, too.)

**Oatmeal was recommended, but it coats the intestinal tract; preventing osmosis.

European governments permit 10 parts per billion (pbb) of acrylamide in packaged foods, but U.S. standards are more lax. For example, Kellogg’s Rice Crispies contain 110 ppb and Pringles original crisps contain 1,480 ppb. Sugar-coated breakfast cereals have even higher levels than Rice Crispies. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. for years has advised his patients to avoid highly processed breakfast cereals, refined foods and oils.

In addition,  food researchers discovered that you’re far less likely to ingest dangerous levels of acrylamide by simply eating home-cooked meals compared to industrially-processed or restaurant-prepared foods.
By heeding this advice to eat more raw foods and less high temperature cooked foods, you will lower your risk of becoming another cancer statistic Perhaps now you can understand why, one in three people in this country will face cancer during their lifetime. It’s a sad fact most doctors are not privy to information, which will prevent cancer from occurring. It's a well known fact the majority of medical schools don’t require 1 course in nutrition.

Over the years, I have slowly eliminated many foods, which I dearly loved.  I have found that humans are similar to most other creatures; we primarily need specie-specific foods that were designed for our bodies. Enzyme-rich, living, unprocessed foods are in this category. Cooked processed foods have only been available for a relatively short period of time. If we want health we eat intelligently. If we don’t make the right choices,, we will suffer. If we eat to satisfy our appetite alone, we will pay dearly for neglecting our nutritional requirements. The end result of eating the wrong food is bodily decay and disease. We don’t need as much food as our food “experts” have recommended, but we do need living foods, if we desire to be full of life.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

Let's Talk About Cures!

Many times people have asked me what they should do for different health problems.  They would like to know, if I had heard of a cure?  I do have an answer, but few would like to hear the answer I would suggest.
It would be to find the cause and stop doing what created the condition in the first place. I have to add that there is no magic cure that exists anywhere. There is no potion that will heal anyone; and there isn’t a healer anywhere who can help you get better. You would not have a health problem, if you were doing all the things that are necessary to be healthy. If you are ill, you’ve brought this condition on by unknowingly doing things that have thrown your body out of balance.  Living the right way is the answer. I don’t believe in cures.

Remember the old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Prevention depends on seeking out valid information in regard to being healthy; not spending a fortune trying to get well. Many are sick and dying, while depending on others to make them better and cure them. I have studied health and nutrition for over 51 years, but do not call myself a healer. I think it is arrogant of any man or woman to say, “I am a healer.” The only One with this ability is the one who created all life, our Creator. The Creator can guide you to the answers, just ask and have faith. If you eliminate the cause, the body will heal itself. Remove the stress and you will find success.

I suffered with excruciating migraines for 30 years. I had no clue as to their cause. Everything I ate seemed to bring on a migraine. After I became a vegetarian, my headaches got worse. I really prayed for an answer.
I realized that I had to be doing something wrong, but I didn’t know what it was. I knew that the Creator has the ability to heal…but what good does it do to remove the pain. Pain is a warning you are doing something wrong. If the Creator removed the pain, it would be the same as taking pain medication, without removing the cause of the pain. If you don’t remove the Cause, it will eventually break down your body and kill you.. When I had the migraine problem, I had to discover the Cause and eliminate it…and No More Migraines. I wrote about this in my last blog. I didn’t need a Cure…I needed to remove the Cause.

My health was not great as a child, but I would not consider myself sickly. It actually was a blessing that there was not much food during the Great Depression in the 1930‘s. Less can be better, if the food isn't right.  Poor quality food is a major cause of illness.  Food was ultra scarce for my first twelve years. When I was weighed annually at school, I always weighed ten pounds less than my peers.  I remember as a child getting sick around my birthday (end of February) every year. My father still held a birthday party…and I was permitted to lie on a couch in the next room watching the celebrants. In the thirties the food supply was not as contaminated and lacking in nutrients. What little food we ate had more value than the food has now .It was not adulterated with unnatural chemicals. I was never sick for more than a few days…and wasn't given medicine to cure it. Years later, I figured out that the nutrients I got from the previous summer sunshine and fresh foods were totally depleted…and the poor foods I ate during the fall and winter led to bouts of illness yearly.

The Hunzacuts in Northern Pakistan up in the Himalayas ran out of food by the end of winter. They endured a six to eight week period every year, where they had no food at all to eat. Yet they remained ultra healthy. During the year they primarily ate foods that came right out of their gardens. Their gardens were nourished from the minerals that they got from the glaciers above them. Their soil was ultra rich. They rarely if ever got sick, because they ate very simple garden-fresh food and raw fruit. We did not have this in Pittsburgh, when I was growing up. I was raised in a city and our family had little money for any fresh food. As I said, we were fortunate that we didn’t have a lot to eat or we would have been sick more often. Sickness is a time to cleanse and get rid of toxic build-up in the body. It is nature’s answer. One would not become ill, if one did not have toxic matter in the body. Taking medication, when you are ill…is adding fuel to the fire.

In 1952, I lost a very close friend who died at seventeen from lupus. I was invited to eat at her house and had a chance to observe how the family ate. I know today that the foods she was eating were a contributing cause. 
My father was not Jewish, but he did not believe in mixing milk and meat. This is part of the food code known as Kosher. My dad thought it had great merit. I was taught as a child to never mix these foods. We didn’t eat hamburgers along with milkshakes. In fact, we weren’t encouraged to drink milk at all. We had little money, so we didn’t eat out and mother mixed a little hamburger meat with a lot of cabbage in a frying pan. Anyway, back to my friend who died. When I went to her house; her mother who was Jewish, made sure my friend drank milk along with the meat that she was fed. I knew at the time mixing milk and meat wasn’t good, but didn't want to say anything. Later on, I read how difficult it is for meat to be digested, when it is neutralized with milk in the stomach. When this occurs it stresses the stomach’s digestive process…and the food is never properly digested. Both dairy and meat propagate hordes of bacteria in the colon, which creates disease.

My Swedish, Christian Science grandmother believed in natural remedies. When I was in agony with an earache, she gave me a drink: whiskey, lemon, honey and hot water, which would put me to sleep.
It wasn’t a cure, but it stopped my pain. I wasn’t given medicine as a child.. My other grandmother was Jewish and was into prayer too, but she believed in doctors. My mother (her daughter) knew nothing about nutrition. It was an interesting experience being raised with all these different people influencing me. I was the oldest of five children; and when one of us came down with a contagious disease; we all got it. None of us became seriously ill from these diseases. We also developed lifelong natural immunity from going through them. Thank heavens, there were no toxic vaccines being given, when we were children. Wonder why this generation of children will not be live as long as their parents? Too litttle raw fruit and vegetables; too much processed food and medical intervention.

After studying health and nutrition for years, I came to the realization that cures did not exist. What is the truth?  There is an important Universal Law that needs to be recognized…the Law of Cause & Effect.
If people knew this information, the whole world would be far healthier. Dr. Lorraine Day produced a very good DVD… entitled Diseases Don’t Just Happen. She was an orthopedic surgeon who wound up with breast cancer in the 1990s. She tried every modality known to get rid of this tumor, but nothing worked , until she changed her diet and her lifestyle. She’s been cancer-free for almost 20 years. Her website is   She also attributes getting well to the Maker. I have heard her speak and bought her videos. There is good information in them. However, I have to add that she does not realize that many of the fruits, vegetables and other foods she is recommending are not all perfect for the human body. Her physical appearance last September 2011 at the Cancer Control Convention at the Sheraton Universal showed lack of knowledge. Excess weight is caused by eating foods not designed for human consumption. Just because a food is considered vegetarian and does not have a face on it…does not make it right for humans to eat.

If you have a health concern, you need to know that 95% of the time, your problem is caused by eating foods which affect your blood chemistry. The wrong foods stress your Immune System. and contribute to illness.
It may sound incredible, but by simply removing the offending food(s), you will alleviate the stress on the lymphatic system. It works continually to produce white corpuscles to clean foreign proteins out of the blood stream. Eventually, the lymph system can’t produce enough corpuscles to get rid of rid of foreign matter. This matter causes bacteria to propagate in the blood stream and poisons it. The lymphatic system becomes over-whelmed and can’t function. Sickness occurs. It is totally illogical to take medicine to “cure” a problem, when medicine of any kind is another major stress. I ask the Creator for guidance and would not think of putting toxic matter in my mouth. The first thing I do, if I develop a problem, is ask myself, “What did I do wrong?” As I have written before, I keep a food/fitness journal, so I can be more aware.

In 1961 It was an eye-opening experience to open a book and find an answer as simple as eliminating the food(s) that were making my son hyperactive. His pediatrician had been the one who had told me how to feed him. Then at five, he was put on tranquilizers for his hyperactivity. I am forever grateful to my brother-in-law. He handed me some books and said “start reading.“ The first thing I read “Sugar creates hyperactivity.” The next thing I saw “Tranquillizers stunt the developing organs of children.” After discovering this information, I realized all the foods the doctor had told me to feed my son had created his hyperactivity; and next the doctor gave him drugs that would stop his internal organs from growing right. From then on, I was on a crusade to eliminate sugar, white flour, additives, preservatives and anything I couldn’t pronounce. It took awhile, but eventually my son settled down and the child who could not sit still and learn; graduated high school with honors. I simply removed the sugar, white flour and other things I mentioned…and he was no longer hyperactive or on drugs that could destroy his organs..

It took many years to really learn the truth, because a great deal of the information in the books I read wasn’t valid.  I really thought I knew something in the sixties, after I got my son off the organ-stunting tranquilizers. However, I did not know what I know today about the right bio-chemically perfect foods. This information did not exist. The Science of Nutrition is in its infancy. It has been impeded, because there are too many people in the world who don’t want the truth known. They have ties to the corporate industries who are processing foods in order to advance their Bottom Line.  Processed Foods have no place in the human diet. Mankind survived for hundreds of thousands of years as foragers without the many ills that the wrong foods have created. This may sound too simple. However, the truth is simple. Lies are complex.

I don’t believe in contributing to medical research that is looking for cures, because CURES DON’T EXIST. Common sense should tell health seekers that the medical industry isn’t truly interested in finding cures. How would the medical industry exist , if there was no cancer, heart disease or other illnesses? If people ate the right foods, it would wipe out the medical industry, drug industry, the dairy, meat, and grain industries. It would shut down most of the ubiquitous pharmacies that are proliferating all over. All our super markets would primarily sell fresh produce. All those jars and cans sitting on the grocery shelves would not exist. If you are looking for “cures,” the right natural foods would be more in line with what people really needed . Our entire society would be different, if people stopped looking for “cures” and learned about eating right.  They need to discover their specific bio-chemically-perfect foods..

In my fifty-one years of research I have overcome every health problem by simply looking for the cause. In mystery books the answer could usually be discovered in the words…cher chez la femme. ..find the woman.
I think a lot of the mystery in discovering good health would be solved today, if we would think cher chez le cash!  Who is providing the money to dispense information that is creating our very sick and obese society?Poor quality foods don’t nourish the body or brain. There are many mentally ill people today who could get well , if they ate right and received nutrients to feed their brains. People have lost their ability to think or reason. If one buys the newspaper, it’s appalling to read the daily happenings. Mothers and fathers killing their children. Children killing their parents. People randomly murdering others. It was not like this back in the thirties to fifties. It was headline news, when there were one or two murders yearly Today, it’s not in the headlines; unless a famous person is involved. When I read the paper there are many murders daily; buried in the back pages. How do we stop the insanity? There are answers!

Stop looking for cures. Focus on alleviating the true Causes of Illness: processed foods which have no value…coming from soils depleted of nutrients…going into homes, where cooking wipes out any life force left.
People have to stop relying on the government and others to take care of them. They need to start doing their own homework. There is nothing more important than good health. Depending on others who have a vested interest in their own Bottom Line is equivalent to letting the foxes guard the chicken coop.

Two doctors told me I would die, if I didn’t have a tumor surgically removed.  I elected to go home and pray; and an answer came, which caused my tumor to be regressed.  I decided to go back to show the second doctor.
He didn’t ask one question. If I had been a physician I would have asked questions and would have been very interested to find out what my patient did to get rid of the tumor. As a young girl I read about Dr. Walter Reed who experimented on his own body to learn the cause of Yellow Fever.  There used to be other doctors who I read about who were interested in finding answers. What kind of doctors exist today? Mainly mercenary ones who don’t want to learn anything that would affect their income. There are some doctors who are looking for answers, but unfortunately there is a lot of erroneous nutritional information available. Since the main cause of poor health is bad diet, doctors need to know more about the right natural foods.

Life is an opportunity to live and to wisdom.  Every day is a chance to learn something new. Perhaps you will experience a crisis, which will give you the opportunity to find an answer that everyone needs.
In the Chinese language, the symbol for crisis is the same symbol as the one for opportunity. Know this, you know more about your own body than anyone else; and by simply seeking out the right knowledge and following it; you can overcome any problem you face.  Hosea 4:6  "My people perish through lack of knowledge."

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

What Do You Know About Selecting A Proper Diet?

How much do you know about nutrition?  What do you know about protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber and calories?  What do you know about their functions in your body and how much your body requires?
Most people think they are eating healthfully. They have no idea their nutrient-poor and toxin-rich foods, are setting them up for future health problems; deteriorating their bodies with every bite. Many think they know how to eat, because they have been eating for as long as they can remember. It isn’t difficult to put food in the mouth, chew it and swallow it, but this doesn’t mean you have all the information you need in regard to good nutrition. Do you know which specific foods are good for you? Do you go by what tastes good? Are you aware many touted “good” foods create illness? Are you aware everyone has different food needs and requires specific bio-chemically perfect foods in order to stay well? Many don’t know, when they ingest the wrong foods, they damage their bodies and overwork their immune systems. Eventually their immune systems fail and can’t clean out the toxins in the blood stream and sickness occurs. 95% of peoples’ health problems occur, because of eating wrong. For excellent health discover your specific foods.

I think the time is right to do a mini-course in nutrition, so you will be able to make intelligent choices that will keep you and your loved ones healthy I wish that I had known this information years ago.
When I was pregnant with my fourth child in 1976, I asked my obstetrician if he could recommend any nutrition books. I was shocked, when he told me to read Ladies Home Journal. I had been reading nutrition books for 15 years. His suggestion was poor. This doctor wound up with prostate cancer. This is connected to eating foods; which putrefy by remaining in the warm colon too long; propagating massive amounts of deadly bacteria. These bacteria are carried by the bloodstream to the person’s weakest and most vulnerable areas of their body.

Let’s start out with PROTEIN. People believe only animal products have protein in them. This is erroneous. Every food has protein in it. If you eat enough food, you will obtain sufficient protein. For many years people were told - only animal protein had all the essential amino acids; and it was necessary to eat animal protein or combine certain bean and grain dishes to make a complete protein. This was later found not to be valid. All we have to do is examine the diets of many other species and note that vegetarian animals get sick, when they are fed animal protein. Their bodies were not designed to handle it. What is Protein for? It is for Growth and Repair. How much growth do humans want to achieve? How much repair do their bodies need? Information regarding protein has been totally skewered!

The human body has a 32 foot long intestinal tract, in order to extract nutrients through osmosis from fruit and vegetables. These foods are rich in bulk, and fiber; and slowly move through the intestines and colon.
Carnivorous animals have a very short intestinal tract in order to rapidly expel animal protein; before it putrifies in their intestines. Carnivores have strong stomach acid to break down animal protein. They also have sharp fangs to tear flesh and strong claws to hold and catch prey. Humans are not similar to carnivores, as they were primarily designed to eat fruit and vegetables. People need to learn about the foods they should be eating for vibrant health…and know exactly how much protein their bodies require. Sad to say the food industries have set protein standards ultra high in order for people to buy more food products. This has caused major health problems in the human species. Animal proteins are highly acidic and cause the bloodstream to become more acidic…and diseases thrive in an acid medium.

People have been provided with the wrong information in regard to protein. People don’t require the recommended daily amount sset by the USDA. There are problems connected to eating too much protein.
People’s protein needs vary. Some nutritionists say it's based on a percentage of daily calories. Previously, I wrote about the 2000 Calorie Diet being highly questionable. I believe it has set people up for obesity. So if we tried to determined our need for protein and fat based on a percentage of calories in this 2000 calorie diet; it would not be valid. Excess protein  and fat comes at a high price. First it is costly; secondly it breaks down the body; and thirdly it costs a fortune to pay for the illnesses it creates. If one is serious about getting ultra healthy, it's important to know one’s maximum and minimum protein requirements. Too much protein is far more dangerous, than too little. Too much can contribute to obesity, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and many other diseases. In my consultations, I noted that the maximum amount was 35 and the minimum amount was 22 grams. Some sick people who had broken down their bodies and couldn’t handle their natural foods required more. Some up to 60 grams of protein. Their bodies and organs were in such bad condition they had to rely on protein to survive, but they usually had serious health problems.

There are “authorities” on the Internet telling people that 100 plus grams of protein daily is the way to go. It sure is the way to go, if you want to set your body up for many future health problems. Speaking from experience, I learned first hand back in the sixties about the problems connected to eating a high protein diet. Adele Davis was one of the first nutritionists I came across and her information sounded great, She advised her readers to get up to 125 grams daily. I followed her to the T.  In two years I was fat and lethargic…and both my little son and I had to have our tonsils out at the same time. We were frequently ill with colds and sore throats. Today, I have done extensive reading and know that high protein creates disease. I would not advise anyone to eat over 35 grams of protein daily; unless this was the only type of food his or her body could handle.

There is a phenomenon, which I must mention. Some people go on a high protein diet and have a beneficial short term response. However, long term this high protein will create a future health disaster.
Many people who have eliminated grains and other low quality foods, will feel better temporarily on a high protein diet.  However, be aware that this honeymoon will not last and poor health will occur eventually.

Foods high in protein, usually contain an equal amount of fat. There is also a limit to the amount of fat the body can handle The liver can’t produce enough bile to emulsify them, if one eats too many fatty foods.  It took 30 years to discover my migraines were caused, because of this excess fat factor. In 1993, I had my last migraine headache, when I gave up all fatty foods. I did this for a number of years to remove stress from my liver. I had a problem with dry skin for a few years, until I added some fatty foods back into my dietary program. However, I never went back to eating the way I did before. No more salad oils, mayonnaise, seeds, cashews and most other nuts, or fatty foods. I don’t have eggs on a daily basis, because they contain too much fat and protein. I am careful to only have salmon occasionally, because it is too high in protein.  It also contains fat. I keep a food journal to make sure that I am staying on the right track. If people don’t learn how to eat right, they’ll never acquire the fit bodies they want or the wonderful state of health they desire. Keeping a food journal is important, such as Diet minder : Personal Food and Fitness Journal at

It is almost impossible to stay within one’s maximum protein and fat allowances, when eating animal products. It’s easy to get sufficient protein, fat and all other nutrients on a totally vegetarian regime. My daily FAT requirement: 20 to 22 grams. Here are foods with fat: One avocado (3-½ oz) has 15.6 grams of fat. One oz salad oil is 15 grams of fat. One Tablespoon butter is 12 grams of fat. One oz of nuts 15 -21 grams of fat. One oz of seeds contains 9.4 to 14 grams of fat. 4 oz of salmon is 7 gr.- One egg contains 4.5 grams of fat. One Pound of fruit ranges from 1 to 1.37 grams of fat. One pound of vegetables ranges from 1 to 1.828 grams of fat. Every food has fat in it. It’s far too easy to find fat in the diet.

My daily PROTEIN requirement: 22 to 26 grams. Here are some Protein foods: Spinach 12 oz 8 grams of protein. .Avocado 3-½ oz 2 Gm., Banana 24 oz 8.22 gm., Hemp milk 3 oz 2-gm., Egg 2 oz 6 gm., Salmon 4 oz 22 gm., Moringa Powder 1 tsp. 1 gm. ALL foods contain protein. Learn to count protein.

If I ate like the USDA recommends, I would be among one of the 65% obese in this country. I can’t eat anywhere near the 44 - 55 grams recommended. What does this additional protein and fat do in the body?
It deteriorates the body, over-works the organs, and adds to the fat cells. Do you like paying twice? First for the wrong food and then for the sickness it creates. Most people are totally in the dark about their food and nutrient needs. This is why America is way down on the totem pole in regard to health,

The fat in our food plays an important role in nutrition. It serves as the sole carrier and source of fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K; and other essential fatty acids. Fat helps regulate a variety of body functions.
It is essential in the production of hormones; in the uptake of nutrients; and in the excretion of waste products from every cell. It is important in preventing people from feeling too cold. It helps people have a feeling of fullness, after eating. It has many good functions, but on the down side…too much fat can provide fuel for cancerous tumor growth. And if it comes from cooked animal protein, it further damages the body. It’s acidic; a protein/fat food with atoms altered by cooking; is difficult to digest. For example salmon,  I don’t cook it. I eat it raw for maximum nutrient value.  It tastes fine with a little natural seasoning.  

How much Fat do people need?  Minimum 20 grams - Maximum 30 grams. The USDA sets a requirement of 25-35% of calories.  If a person ate a 2000 calorie daily diet, 30% of calories would be 60 grams of fat.
The liver would have a hard time trying to make enough bile on a daily basis, to emulsify this amount of fat. If a person were eating 2500 calories daily with 30% coming from fat…it would be 75 grams of fat. Human beings were never supposed to eat in this manner. Only a very misguided USDA would set standards like this.

Carbohydrate foods are extremely important, because these are the best foods for providing ENERGY. Many people think protein and fat help provide energy, but their primary functions are vastly different.
I did cover how protein and fat are utilized in the human body.  Protein: : growth and repair.  Fat: regulates a variety of functions in the body and provides insulation from the cold. Carbohydrates: provide energy for the human body and brain. We could not function without them. Our carbohydrate need:  70% of calories.  Our protein requirement: 15% of calories.  Our fat requirement: 15% of calories.  NO MORE. There are nutritional authorities who say the requirement is 10% protein and 10% fat, but I got a higher figure, when I asked for guidance. However, the ultra high protein and fat levels set by the USDA are not correct and have been established by the government; working in conjunction with the food industries. They help to create big bucks for the food industry, the medical industry and diet industry. etc.

Fruits are the richest source of carbohydrates. They are easily digested, fairly rapidly and create energy. They provide the energy the brain requires in order to think…as well as the energy the body needs to move. Raw fruits have many nutrients in them, which are not found in processed foods. Everybody has specific fruits which are perfect. My best fruit is bananas. I eat a pound and a half daily. Lime juice, mangoes and strawberries are among my perfect foods,too. If you eat enough fruit you will have plenty of energy. Some vegetables have carbs, too. However, vegetables usually contain more protein. If you eat enough vegetables, you will have sufficient protein. Some root vegetables, beets and carrots, contain more carbohydrates. However, it is best if they are juiced to obtain maximum nutrient value; and used in one's specific quanitity. Each person has a different requirement. Speaking of carbs creating energy...during my first marathon, I ran 4 hours and 25 minutes non-stop on 2 pounds of fruit. I felt like I was flying!!!

Fiber is another necessary element in the human diet. The best source comes from unprocessed fruits and vegetables. The various fibers that come from grains are very irritating to the sensitive intestinal tract. Human beings need fiber in order for their eliminative system to work right. If we don’t get enough bulk and fiber, we become constipated. Mankind came up with a processing method to strip a harsh insoluble fiber from wheat and oats…and it along with the other foods derived from grains produce poor health in human beings. We need natural unprocessed foods, if we aim to be healthy. How much fiber do we need? Min. 28 grams - Max.40 grams. More than 40 would not be beneficial. The USDA says 25 grams daily, for adults on their Standard American Diet.

What about calories? The USDA 2000 calorie diet is responsible for millions of obese people. The obesity epidemic has been created by eating processed foods; containing far too many calories with little nutrition.
Two of the four food groups are entirely wrong. Dairy isn’t for human consumption and neither are grains. Both throw the human body out of balance. Processed grains cause illness; and dairy was meant to aid a baby calf grow 500 pounds in its first nine months of life. It’s totally unbalanced for human beings. Cow’s milk is the first food only for an entirely different species with a slow brain and massive growth need. When people eat foods not designed for humans, it destroys their bodies. How many calories do adults need? Min. 1200 - Max. 1500 Calories in food are used for energy expenditures.  Excess  calories store in the fat cells. Athletes who train daily or people who do hard physical labor require: 1800 - 2500 calories daily.  My personal requirement is 1100 calories daily. Another friend told me that he can’t eat more than 1000 calories daily. He maintains on 1000 calories. When people cram higher amounts of calories into their mouths, they destroy their bodies. Human beings were not designed to eat like hogs. 

Hopefully this will give you more insight into protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber. People already know about calories and how they pack on pounds. Now it’s time to stop the obesity epidemic by learning how to eat right.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

Why Fruit Has Become a "No No!"

It is incomprehensible what is happening in the world today.  There is so much misinformtion being disseminated. People are told to limit fruit in their diets, when fruit happens to be the primary food of mankind.
When I started doing guided consultations, giving people their Perfect Fruits and vegetables, I had some tell me that they couldn’t handle much fruit. I remember a cousin of mine told me that she could not eat more than one piece of fruit without feeling spacey. It took awhile to figure this out. I finally learned the truth. Most people have been eating the wrong foods over their entire lifetime; foods not designed for human consumption. These poor food choices have caused major stress on the organs in the body. We not only have an obesity epidemic going on; we have a diabetic epidemic too. What caused these conditions? The wrong processed carbohydrate foods turn into sugar; overwhelming and breaking down the pancreas’s ability to function; creating major health concerns in the people who simply are eating the wrong foods.

In my previous blog, I wrote about phytic acid, and listed all the foods, which contained this destructive mineral-binding substance. It ‘s abundant in nuts, seeds, beans. vegetables. and grains.  Deadly grains contribute to arthritis, allergies, autism, autoimmune diseases, brain disorders, cancer, Celiac Disease, chronic pain, osteoporosis, sinus problems, diabetes and more. Whole grains contain even more allergenic substances, which stress the immune system. When people eat pasta, bread, pancakes, waffles, pies, pastry, muffins, cereal, and other foods containing grains, they turn into sugar and overwhelm the pancreas’s ability to create sufficient insulin to handle them. Sugar also is added to most baked goods. Sugar and grains were not designed by our Maker for human beings. These items are destroying the human body - and fruit is getting blamed for the damage grains and sugar have caused. Some nutritionists are advising people to stop grains and sugar; and drastically lower fruit. These experts may have run into unhealthy people who couldn’t handle fruit or they may have had personal problems with handling fruit themselves. So, they advise their followers to cut way down on consumption. They aren’t aware that people’s organs have deteriorated from eating processed carbohydrates - and unprocessed natural fruit was not to blame.

My body has the ability to handle more than 2 lbs of fruit daily. I have met many others who have not had a problem eating a larger amount of fruit, either. What did we have in common? We never ate a lot of grains.
I discovered as a teenager every time I ate bread, I gained weight. I thought there was something wrong with my body. I avoided grains, because of this reason. It has not been until the last few years, I learned grains are deadly for everyone. Weight gain is just one of the reasons. The human body reacts in this manner, because the wrong foods are toxic and hang up in the fat cells. If you want to do your own research on this subject I would recommend reading Dangerous Grains by James Braly, M.D. and Ron Hoggan, M.A. It is available at There are a number of other books on this same topic on Amazon, but this one is the best.

If people have a problem eating more than a piece of fruit, it would be prudent to limit it for a period of time. However, they MUST also eliminate all grains forever, in order to heal their organs and bodies Fruit happens to be a most important food. It is the best source of natural carbohydrates for the human body. It is invaluable as a fuel for creating energy. I have done four marathons. Each time I ate two pounds of fruit, right before the marathon. The first marathon I did at the age of 47 and had trained for six months in order to do it. I couldn’t believe the energy I had. I ran for 4 hours and 25 minutes non-stop. I felt like I was flying. Raw fruit is an incredible natural source of carbohydrates for energy…cooked pasta is not.

In 1981 I spoke before a crowd, after I finished doing a half marathon in Norwalk, Connecticut.. I was booed by foodies in the audience, because I told them about a dead white starch called pasta. I told them how their spaghetti meal was made with tomato paste - coming from a can containing toxic metals. Then it is added to ground beef, which is protein and combined with the hard to digest starch in pasta. I asked them how eating this concoction the night before a marathon, would give them any energy the next day? It had no enzymes and would simply hang up in their cells. I tried to tell them how beneficial unprocessed fruit was, but they closed their ears. Marathoners are still doing this pasta overload the night before marathons today. The food industry has the money and the clout to influence the average person. If health is important to you, check the source of your dietary information. Fruit is a living food with enzymes. Pasta has none. Without enzymes food has little value.

Natural unprocessed fruit provides carbohydrates, but it also contains protein, fat, enzymes, fiber, bulk, vitamins, minerals, and many other phytonutrients, which nutritional scientists haven’t even discovered, yet.
If people find fruit causes a problem, it may have to be re-introduced slowly. As I mentioned before, eliminate the foods, which are the culprits and it will remove a great deal of stress from your body. When you eat a food that has no value, it has to be processed by the body. It robs the body of enzymes in the stomach. It then enters the blood stream through osmosis from the intestinal tract; triggering off the immune system, which fights to clean out the wrong substances (“foreign invaders”) from the blood stream. This is an almost impossible task for the immune systems today, because people are eating so many unnatural foods. Most people have no idea their cooked meals are totally wiping out their bodies’ ability to function. Then, illogical “experts” tell consumers that natural raw fruit is to blame for their poor health.

Raw fruit digestion does not work a stress on the human body. It comes with efficient enzymes that provide nutrients and energy. The digestion time for raw fruit is much shorter than for most other foods.
People need to know this information. Melons have a digestion time of 15 minutes. Don’t eat melons with any other food, or it will cost you nutrients. If you eat a food like protein, eggs, meat, fish, which takes 6 to 8 hours in order to be digested; the melons will remain in your stomach until the protein is digested. This impedes the digestion of the protein and can cause an upset stomach. In addition, there is no nutritional value left in the melons, after being in the stomach for all those additional hours.

The digestion time for most other fruits is 30 minutes. They too, need to be eaten by themselves; and not eaten with melons, either. We are talking about apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, etc. It is actually best to eat one type of fruit at a time, but if you want to make a multi-fruit salad stick to fruits, which have a 30 minute digestion time. It really is best, if you don’t mix more than three at a time…and don’t add them to a vegetable salad. Vegetables have a much longer digestion time. Fruit is a great meal, if you simply ate enough. It is not a snack as the food industries would love to have you think.

Bananas have a 45 minute digestion time. They contain 5.48 grams of protein per pound. Where as apples only have 1.8 grams of protein. Bananas also contain half the fat that is found in apples.
People who say that they don’t eat more than one banana at a time, because they are afraid of getting fat; are blaming the wrong food. I have almost no fat on my body and I eat six bananas daily. (1-½ lbs). Bananas are a great food, if you eat enough. However, I must add that they are not the Perfect Food for everybody. I know people who can’t handle bananas. Everybody is different!

For many years I did a guided Cyto-Toxic Test , which gave people their bio-chemically right foods. This test listed over 250 items…and it took many hours in order to determine people’s specific Perfect Foods.
Today I have eliminated over half the items on this list, because I’ve no desire to waste time covering foods, which shouldn’t be in the human diet. I’ve eliminated the MEAT, DAIRY & GRAIN CATEGORIES. I have also eliminated a number of other fruits and vegetables, which should not be in this list. For instance, dates, which are loaded with sugar and damage the pancreas. I used to love dates, until I started doing these guided consultations and found out - nobody was supposed to be eating dates. Dates were designed for camels. Dates were originally grown in the deserts in Arabia. They were the fuel for the ships of the desert…camels. The sugar (carbs) in dates, is stored in the camel’s hump. It is a fuel that is utilized as the camel crosses the desert. Camels go from oasis to oasis on the energy that they get from these dates. Humans don’t need dates or other foods with excessive amounts of carbohydrates, protein or fat.

What is the best raw food to eat? Most people will agree that fruit wins hands down. It is readily available in the market and it takes no preparation. Raw foods contain nutrients. Processed foods don’t.  People think cooking is important, but heating food destroys the very reason for eating it…its nutrients. Do you eat to live or live to eat? People aren’t using their heads, when they cook most of the foods they are eating. They are not considering the long term poor health results obtained from eating cooked foods. None of us have been properly informed on this subject. We have been programmed by the food industries, to support them by buying their costly processed foods. It took me a long time to learn, too. When I was married, I cooked the same way that everybody else did. I did not know cooking created health problems. My husband taught me to cook. He was raised on a farm. His mother loved to cook everything.  His father wound up with cancer. He ate the same way his parents ate.  He wound up with cancer.  He also had a medicine chest mentality…be prepared for future sickness.

Today, I am totally aware that cooking destroys nutrients. It sets humans up for disease, because high temperatures wipe out the nutrients humans need in order to create excellent mental and physical health.
Yes, I still cook a little. I lightly scramble some eggs or heat water on the stove for a cup of instant coffee. I am not 100% perfect. However, I eat all my Perfect Fruits raw. They are bananas, avocados (very limited amount), limes, lemons, mangoes, pears and strawberries. These are 7 of the 31 Fruits on the Cyto-Toxic List for human consumption.  Out of their list of 30 Vegetables, I have 7 Perfect Vegetables: carrots, pumpkins, spinach, squash (banana), tomato, yams (very occasionally), yellow crook neck squash. During most of the year, I don’t steam any vegetables. In colder weather, squash and yams need to be steamed in order to be eaten. I have a juicer or grater in order to prepare carrots, year around. They should not be eaten raw otherwise. They have too much cellulose and are almost impossible to digest whole.

Every person has his or her own Perfect Fruits and vegetables. No two, even in the same family have the same requirements. Parents should never force a child to eat a food, if the child strongly protests. I thought I was giving my son a good food, carrots.  However, my son was very allergic to carrots. This was before I started doing my guided consultations. I had no idea how the wrong fruit or vegetable could cause a problem.

Would fruit alone be capable of sustaining health? In order to be healthy, people would have to consume massive amounts of raw fruit daily.  It would be costly and time consuming to live in this manner. I struggle to eat 1-½ lbs of bananas at a time. I can’t imagine eating seven to ten lbs of fruit daily. One would be doing nothing but eating all day long. I also note that if I eat more than 2 pounds of fruit and 12 oz of vegetables daily; I start gaining weight. . My body only requires 1100 calories or less, daily.  Large amounts of fruit contains all kinds of nutrients, but the calories in them would overwhelm my body.  One would have to be a major competitive athlete in order to burn the calories in seven to ten pounds of fruit.

The 80-10-10 Diet book by Dr. Douglas N. Graham prescribes a raw food dietary program. It's a valuable tool, if you're serious about learning how to get healthy by eating right.  It's 94% valid. per the Creator.  There is a great deal of wonderful information in it,  but  Dr. Graham has laid out menus without realizing that the wrong fruits or wrong vegetables will harm the people who follow his dietary suggestions. There are people who are sensitive to Nightshades, Cruciferous Vegetables, or other fruits and vegetables. It took 17 years of doing free consultations in order to learn that people had created many health problems by ingesting the wrong foods. The wrong “good” foods can make people ill.  People asked why I didn’t put menus in my book Sharing from the Heart…It was for this very reason. People have to learn, which foods are Perfect for their bodies and not try to adapt their bodies to the wrong foods in recipes and menus.

There are a limited number of other beneficial foods, other than specific fruits & vegetables, which could be utilized. There are three more categories, which contain these foods: Fish, Poultry, Nuts/Seeds.  Some foods listed under these three categories are not advisable to eat.  Each person has very specific foods. The closer one comes to on'es specific foods; the healthier the person would become. Illness is mainly created from eating foods that are bio-chemically wrong for one’s body. Also, the more raw food one eats, the healthier one becomes. You should start at 50% raw, but slowly work up to 90% plus. My aunt at 75 years of age changed her diet. She said that she didn’t do more than 70% of my food recommendations, but she lived 97 healthy years. Imagine what would have happened, if she had been eating 90%.raw.

In addition to the above food categories, there are other categories on the Cyto-Toxic Test, such as, beverages, herbs/spices, oils, sweeteners, and supplements. I eliminated more than half on the list of 250 items, because they were of no benefit. People in many cases are paying for foods and items, which are causing illness; where I am totally into spending less and creating wellness. 

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

P.S. Thanks to those who are leaving comments. I appreciate knowing your thoughts. Please put in your correct email address, if you want me to publish your comment. I like to know if the commenter is a real person.

Phytic Acid: A Problem Substance in Many Foods

How much do you know about phytic acid or phytates?  These substances exist in many foods, which people are eating world wide on a daily basis; and are causing long term damage to the human body.  Phytic acid is a substance in many plants that nature has placed there for the storage of phosphorus and other nutrients utilized in plant growth. It is not a substance required in the human diet. Many food researchers have the idea that all edible foods were designed for human consumption, but this isn’t true. Many foods were created for other species and when humans consume them; they create health problems. Our food scientists haven’t taken this factor into consideration. Our technology is not determining the side effects of eating foods and beverages containing phytates that break down the human body. The food industry is primarily interested in selling as much product as possible, but it has not done sufficient research to determine the harmful effects of ingesting foods containing phytic acid.

Is the truth important to you? Many people don’t want to know the truth, if it means giving up their tasty foods. I hope that you are more receptive to information that could better your future health. It has taken over fifty years of research to realize most health problems have been created, because of greed. This is the only word for it. Many people are so into making big bucks that they don’t want answers to surface that would limit their income. This is why America spends more on medical care than any other country - and is going downhill health-wise.  The right foods are a 95% factor in creating good health, but few people really know which ones are right.  Many believe they are eating right, based on what they have been told by food industry scientists. These trusting, ill-informed souls are doomed to experience poor health throughout their lives; and major health problems by the end of their lives.

Let me tell you about many of the foods people are eating regularly that are responsible for many health concerns. Many people will be skeptical. Others will respond with denial and turn a deaf ear.
Here is the list: barley, carob, cocoa beans, coffee beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, corn, oats, rice, rye, sesame, soybeans and wheat. Most people are going to think that there is nothing left to eat. However, there are foods available that don’t contain mineral-binding phytic acid. People need to know this information. If food lacks important minerals; diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and even heart disease can occur. Every beat of the heart depends on a steady supply of calcium. Phytic acid binds calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and other minerals; making them unavailable. Humans must be aware and limit or eliminate most foods that contain phytates.

What is the most important reason for eating? Nourishment! Eating phytic acid foods prevents important minerals from being assimilated. This results in serious diseases long term. Be aware.
Mankind has not really figured things out. Many are depending on others to do their homework for them. As for me, my passion is health. I am a health fanatic. I want to be healthy and not depend on the sickness industry for drugs, treatments and operations. I have been into health research over fifty years. I observe people - looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack - healthy people. I know what makes people sick, but it has taken forever to find answers as to what keeps them well. It seems that the Powers-that-be aren’t providing this information. Sickness is big business. I went down many wrong paths, because of the misinformation available in most health books I read. I had to learn the hard way: Trial and Error.

Most people have too much to do; and too little time to learn; so they depend on others to keep them well. Also, many fail to take an interest in one of the most important subjects - health and nutrition.
Yet, they’re interested in all kinds of extraneous things that will enhance their appearance…cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, exercise, fashions, jewelry, etc. They somehow don’t understand real beauty and health is created from within. They have limited comprehension as to the importance of the right foods, in regard to the physical appearance of their skin, hair, teeth and body. If the right information were available, America would not be in 46th place longevity-wise and 36th in health. We wouldn’t be in 3rd place in regard to Alzheimer’s, 2nd in Cancer and first in heart disease. Do you honestly believe the medical field knows how to create good health? This system is medically-oriented, not health promoting. It should not be called health care. Most doctors know little about nutrition; they promote drugs, treatments and operation. The above statistics should make people think. !

When I find information that works, I share it with others. I am of the opinion that there is nothing more valuable than good health. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing. Health is wealth!
Want health? Eat natural unprocessed food in abundance. If foods need to be processed and cooked, they are not foods that our Creator made for us. Remember, for hundreds of thousands of years there were no metal implements or stoves to cook foods. Agriculture and cooking has only been around 5,500 years with the manufacturing of iron objects. The human body was not designed to be eating heat processed, nutrient-destroying foods. These foods don’t contain anything valuable, but they rob the body of nutrients in order to be utilized. They fill the stomach, but they disease the body. It is amazing that people can function.

If people eliminated most phytic acid foods, they would not be overwhelming their immune systems. What do you think is the cause of allergies and food sensitivities in the human body? Phytates!
Years ago I knew that when I eliminated grains that I got rid of arthritis, colds, and pollen sensitivity. Other concerns like leg cramps are caused by the phytic acid in cocoa. I bought some natural dark cocoa to make a drink for my granddaughter. I also decided to make myself a large cup.  In the middle of the night I was awakened with severe leg cramps. This doesn’t happen to me very often…unless I eat something, which binds minerals, like phytic acid food. What did I do to neutralize this effect? I ate a couple large ripe bananas, which had vitamins and minerals in them. Bananas also contain tryptophan (an amino acid), which helped me sleep.

Another problem, Dowager Humps…created by mineral-binding phytate foods in the human body. My mother had one…and I found out that from a very young age on she was addicted to lots of chocolate.
It creates osteoporosis, because its phytic acid binds calcium and other minerals the body needs. Chocolate is being promoted for its anti-oxidant qualities. However, raw dark chocolate/cocoa contains a high amount of phytic acid. In addition, it would not taste good, if it wasn’t sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners. I like it too, but I limit the amount I ingest. Too much, can slowly break down the bones, as it prevents the minerals they require from being utilized by them. Too soon old! Too late smart! - George Bernard Shaw.

Is Bean-O natural? When a food creates gas, people need to realize this isn’t a food that was created for human consumption. Using an unnatural product to combat the formation of gas is not right. Legumes, beans, lentils have to be cooked in order to be eaten. This should tell you that they weren’t designed for humans to ingest. Raw nuts may not have to be cooked, but they were designed by the Creator to grow trees. They are loaded with many substances, so they can do what they are supposed to do. They contain phytic acid to aid in their growth, plus they are overloaded with fat and protein in order to produce the fuel necessary for this massive growth. People don’t know much about the amount of fat and protein (or other elements) they need daily. They fail to realize that 100 grams (3-½ oz) of nuts and seeds contain far too much fat and protein for their daily needs (even if they consumed no other foods).

Our nutrition standards have been set by the food industries whose biggest need is to sell products. The protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, sodium and other recommended requirements aren’t valid. When I got my first tumor back in 1976, I found out how excess fat and protein in the dairy I had been advised to use; rapidly accelerated the growth of a tumor. It went, when I stopped the dairy. In 1993, I eliminated nuts and seeds, which had helped cause excruciating migraines. It took stopping all other fats too for a period of four years in order to heal my liver. It takes lots of bile to break down excess fat. Nuts, seeds, butter, salad oils contain too much fat. I fought weight all my life, because I had no idea that the food groups set up by the food industry for meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains were not beneficial. The promotion of these foods has caused health problems globally and ecological damage to the earth.

There are no schools where people can find the answers they need. All the university nutrition schools are supported by grants from the food industry. Where can doctors find valid information?
In 1983, after 22 years of health research, I came to the realization that the information people need was not available on this level. If it were available, millions would not be dying yearly of catastrophic illnesses. Untold trillions are being poured into medical research, but no cures are forthcoming. In 1976, when I got my first
tumor, I had been into health research 15 years. I did not go along with the medical doctors who had advised
surgery as the only solution. I told the 2nd doctor, that I was going to go home and pray. He had told me the same thing the first one had told me that I would be given no guarantees, unless I had an immediate operation. His answer, “Don’t pray too long.” Well I prayed and two days later a book came into my hands, which provided the answer I needed.. I went back to this second doctor, just to show him the tumor was gone. He wasn’t one bit interested, even though he had said that regression wouldn’t work.

The Creator has the ability to give you the answers you need, if you believe and just ask. Ask and you will receive. In 1980 I asked the Creator to send someone special into my life. It happened! Within an hour my telephone rang and a man called who had been following Dr. N.W. Walker’s dietary program for 34 years. He had been sixteen when his grandfather got him interested in nutrition. When we met I was astounded to see a man who was the healthiest looking fifty year old that I had ever seen. He looked at least twenty years younger. My children asked to see his birth certificate, because he looked so young. He was living proof of the proper diet and he changed my life. There were no grains, dairy, meat or cooked food in his dietary program, but he ate HUGE AMOUNTS of raw fruit and vegetables. He only used a little olive oil and lemon on his salads. His mentor, Dr. Walker had seventy-five years of nutrition research behind him, when he wrote Pure & Simple Natural Weight Control in 1981 (at the age of 105). I disagreed with Dr. Walker on one thing. He erroneously believed that all fruits and vegetables were designed for human consumption.

Textbooks provide all kinds of information in regard to nutrition but much of their information is not valid. If you want superior health, you have to forget about C. W. (Conventional Wisdom). Most of their information has come from those who are promoting the sale of foods. Foods that don’t offer any real benefit to human health. Animals don’t need textbooks in order to eat right. They instinctively know the foods, which are right for them. Humans have lost their instincts, because they have been eating the wrong foods, since the advent of agriculture. The wrong foods have deteriorated human health; and the human brain has suffered as well. It is not able to discern, truth from fiction. Humans go by their taste buds…not instinct or nutritional awareness. In addition, some manufacturers add addictive chemicals into their food products; designed to get the consumers to eat more. This is similar to tobacco manufacturers who add chemicals to strongly addict smokers to cigarettes. Many people are totally addicted to the wrong foods. Foods, which are destroying their bodies and their lives.

Phytates naturally occur in many foods grown globally. Harming people by slowly deteriorating their bodies. Yet few doctors even know phytates exist; and treat symptoms they cause with drugs. Food producers skirt the issue, because it would affect the food industry. If people ate the right foods, it would wipe out many processed foods. Raw foods are the primary foods of mankind. As I said, there were no stoves, utensils, dishes, etc., for hundreds of thousands of years. Food was not heat processed and altered. The human race survived without a food industry or modern medicine. There was no mechanization to free massive amounts of oils from grains, nuts and seeds. How much fat or protein does mankind need? The amount that can be obtained in eating an abundant supply of natural foods. However, people are being advised that they need far more. Nuts and seeds are ultra high in fat and protein; and bone-disintegrating phytic acid. Other foods with phytates: corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams.

So what is there left to eat? Every person has specific foods, but they are not unlimited in number. People who own pets know that their charges require very specific foods in order to stay well. People who feed their pets table scraps produce the same diseases in their pets that they acquire. Most species eat very specific foods. Mankind is a species and has very specific foods, too. If humans stayed with their Perfect Foods, they would be healthy. What are our Perfect Foods? Primarily, very specific fruits and vegetables (not every one). Human beings can also handle a very limited amount of animal protein, such as eggs and fish (but not every variety); and not on a daily basis as this puts them over the max amount of protein, fat and other nutrients required by the human species. We need far less protein, fat and other nutrients than the “experts” have recommended. Save money! Save your life!

Hopefully you will heed this information and prevent problems from occurring. Take charge of your own life and start learning the most important subject you could ever study…human nutrition.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis


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